Looking for the right web design company for your business and launching a website is a difficult project.

A variety of skills are needed to make your website a traffic magnet. And they include…

  • Programming
  • Good Aesthetic Taste
  • Marketing
  • Writing Skills

You need years to master any of the previous skills. And as a business owner (or project manager), a DIY approach is unrealistic.

So it’s best if you leave the complex work to the professionals.

Today, we’ll help you with that. We’ll look at finding someone to lay the building blocks of a good website.

We’ll mention 5 tips – followed by a recommendation to try!

1 – They Can Use a CMS

CMS stands for content management system. It’s like an operating system for your website.

After everything gets rolling, it’s what you’ll use to make minor modifications, post content, interact with others through comments/email etc.

A good web design company can use a CMS. In fact, this factor distinguishes “modern” from “stone age” companies!

Do I Get to Choose My CMS?

Some CMS platforms to try include…

  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Joomla

A pro website designer will incorporate the CMS that you specify to them. And this leads us to the next point…

2 – They Listen to You

Sounds like an obvious thing to look for, right?

Unfortunately, many website designer teams tend to rush their interviews. Instead of listening to client ideas, they try to throw their own frameworks at them.

This doesn’t make for a good experience.

What to Look For?
Look for inquisitiveness. They should ask questions, and seek to clarify your viewpoints.

Also, open-mindedness is key. You need a website designer that’s comfortable with mid-project modifications.

What if I Don’t Have Any Ideas?
This leads us to the next point.

3 – They Have a Large Client Portfolio

A portfolio is a sign of two things.

The first is experience. It shows that you’re dealing with a website design company that has launched multiple successful websites.

The other is adaptability. You’ll want to see a portfolio with multiple website designs.

This means that you’re dealing with a designer that’s willing to incorporate unique ideas into their work!


Portfolios tend to come with reviews from clients.

They can be basic. However, you’ll want to look for reviews that discuss the client’s experience with the team.

Also, if possible, try to find commentaries left by the web designer on the portfolio. Some portfolios do explain the reason behind certain decisions made.

This’ll provide insight into a designer’s thinking process. And it’ll help you judge if their approach matches what you have in-mind.

Multiple Industries.

Portfolios don’t just showcase a website aesthetics. They also give you a glimpse into the products that said company has promoted.

Obviously, the more industries, the better. And it’s even better if they’ve designed a website belonging to your niche!

4 – They Understand Online Marketing

A good website designer doesn’t simply setup your website. They also make sure that it gets you sales.

They understand SEO. They know what search engines look for when ranking website pages in their query results.

And that understanding should span:

  • Keyword Research and Competitiveness
  • User Experience

User Experience is Especially Key.

Search engines look to see how your website loads and shows its content to viewers, and on a variety of devices.

If it’s easy to access and navigate, then it ranks high. And a good web design company understands that.

Responsive Web Design.

This is a design approach. It focuses on creating web pages that adapt to a user’s device, screen size, and orientation.

It’s the essence of optimal user experience.

When picking a website designer, make sure they embrace this style of creating websites.

After all, it’ll help you get traffic not just from computers, but from mobile and tablet users too!

Time to Find Your Canadian Web Design Company

The internet is littered with web design teams waiting to help you. But the best are found in Canada.

There, you’ll find a care for quality, and a keen eye for trends in web development and online marketing.

One we’d recommend is Still Up Marketing.

Their web design approach makes for a comfortable user experience, and a website that generates high conversion rates.

Visit their web design service and learn more!