What is Draco Coin?

DRACO is a crypto coin that uses the concept of allowing in-game assets to be freely traded, stored, sold, and purchased outside of the game. The intrinsic value of the coin is guaranteed by the value of resources acquire from the game such as Mir4. It is the world’s first coin of commercially successful online games.

In MIR4, players can mine and smelt Darksteel, an in-game resource, to Draco. As per the latest update of MIR4, you must have at least 500K of Darksteel is required to smelt to Draco.

Smelt Darksteel to Draco Mir4

How to Smelt Darksteel to Draco in MIR4

1. To access Draco, you need to have either the mobile app or the direct mir4 desktop game itself because Steam removed the DRACO feature.

2. Get access to the Smeltery by going to the Bicheon Castle and locating the NPC named Jae Joman. The other option is to access it by opening the game menu, then go to Market and press DRACO.

3. Be sure to have enough darksteel to smelt to DRACO, you can find out its current exchange rate on the same page. Also, you have to pay 1,000 Darksteel per Draco as a fee for smelting. Each in-game character has a smelt limit of 100 DRACO per day.

4. Once you click/tap the Smelt button, it will ask you to log in to your WEMIX account. If you don’t have a WEMIX account yet, you will be asked to signup after choosing either Google, Apple, or Facebook.

5. Once your WEMIX account is connected, it will start to smelt. A mail confirmation of the DRACO exchange will be sent to your inbox.

How to obtain Darksteel on MIR4

There are different ways to get Darksteel on MIR4 game.

1. Mining in the game
Mir4: Smelt Darksteel to Draco

Darksteel can be found in dungeons and Magic Square darksteel chambers. The player must click to mine the crystal in the game. You don’t necessarily need to have a high level to mine, but these maps have very strong monsters, and the recommended level is above 30.

2. Doing Daily Quests or Missions
MIR4 daily quest

Every day the daily quest resets. One of the daily quest rewards is darksteel. Try prioritizing the quests that give more darksteel. You can auto-play to a max of 10 quests at a time.

The best option is to mine, you can leave it on in automatic mode, and check your game from time to time. The mining areas are open for PVP and many hostile players will kill you and take over the node.